This and That

Where to begin……

My trip to LA was fabulous and way too short.  Nothing happened on the job front except one frustrating deadend and one very polite rejection letter.  The weather was very warm, ok hot.  Made only more uncomfortable by drywalling the garage during the 93 degree day.  Jan, Lori and I spent the day putting in insulation and drywalling most of the garage.  We have two small sections to complete and then of course mudding and taping and sanding and mudding and sanding and priming and painting.  Thats about all on that project.

Vivian broke her foot.  Stepping off a step at work.  At first they thought it was a stress fracture but in fact it is has two breaks.  Currently in a pink cast and off of work for at least a week.  She is hoping that if she gets a knee scooter they will let her back to work.

For now she is hobbeling around on her very pink cast, contemplating how to shower and not get the cast wet.

Today I went to lunch with the new “team” we were celebrating the end of the season, both the market and the neighborhood picnic program.  It was more of a cheerleading event coupled with a game plan for fall.  When I left there I stopped at the bank and coming back to the truck noticed it was leaking coolant.  Not a big leak but not something I could ignore.

We (the garage and I) knew there was a small leak before, but it wasn’t worth dealing with taking off the timing belt.  But now it seems to have gotten bigger.  I took the truck in after work and took the bus to a coffee date with Briana.  I got confirmation that it was indeed the water pump leaking now.  So the truck is there being fixed.  I can take the bus tomorrow if need be, it just so happens Katherine’s car is parked here for a few days while she is away and I am watching Sophie.  Timing is pretty ideal actually.   I’m just glad it happened after the markets ended and I am not hauling gear around.

Speaking of the markets ending….Yesterday was the last Farmers Market for the season.  The weather was fabulous.  The produce and flowers have all lasted so nicely because there hasn’t been the rain to flood the flowers or a real frost yet to damage the crops.  I got a couple cakes for the vendors (Note I did not make these, in fact I couldn’t buy the ingredients for the price I got these from Sam’s.)  My volunteers gave me a beautiful card and had wonderful thanks and nice things to say all day.

It was a large mix of emotions.  Relief that the markets were done, mainly because of the pure exhaustion of the long days.  Gratitude that everyone was so nice and complementary.  Even the mayor sought me out to say good job.  So many vendors and volunteers asking if I would be back next year.  At the end of the market and being so tired, just wanting to find a job in LA my answer was “We’ll see, something something, contract up, blah blah.”


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