A new meaning to “milk” chocolate

I don’t eat a lot of meat, certainly not beef.  Oh it tastes good but my tummy doesn’t agree.  Actually the last few years I have cut more and more out of my diet that it is now non-existent.  There is fish a couple of times a month, bacon (without nitrates) but rarely any animal protein.  (oh wait, eggs, I eat organic eggs)

But one thing is for sure, if I do eat meat, it is organic.  I want to know it had a diet of organic feed as well.  Now more so than ever after reading an article this morning about farmers feeding cattle chocolate.  Yep!  The price of corn is so high that farmers are supplementing the hay with ice cream sprinkles, hot chocolate mix, breakfast cereal and chocolate bars.

You can’t say that it’s free range cattle if there is not an ice cream sprinkle tree growing in the pasture now can you?

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