To be filed…..

….in the “it’s always something” file.

We are finally getting rain.  It has been way to long and everything is d.r.y.  Tomorrow will prove challenging when the oil that has been collecting on the roads for 80 days mixes with the water falling from the sky.  Also parched ground that will at first repel the water coupled with possible blocked drains is bound to cause some flash flooding.

Yet I am excited for the rain.  I get to see if the gutter repair done months ago is sound. (fingers crossed)  Also some of the fall clean up that the gardens need will be easier with a good four days of drenching rain.

I got home from work tonight and went out to take in the deck chair cushions.  I have been able to leave them out for months uninterrupted.  They are all stored now, along with other yard/garden gear put away.

What I noticed while out there was no water was moving in the pool, yet I could hear the water pump.  Yep, the pump was running but not pumping.  I placed a call to my pool repair guy because with, ya know, the rain about to dump even more dirt from the air into the pool, it’s not something I can really wait for.

Yep, it is always something.

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