Great Day. Bad Food.

The pool repair guy came today, took a bucket of water out of the pool to prime the water pump, turned it on and… ran fine.  GAAAH!  I will have a trip charge but that is all.  They are coming back in a few weeks to change the sand in the filter and will include it on that bill.

My day then moved on to a half day conference, it was conveniently held at the fire station less than two miles from my house.  My commute to work was less than five minutes.  There was lots of great information exchanged and lively conversations.  I networked, traded information and generally had a productive day.  Lunch however was delivered Chinese food.  I picked as best I could, but even with the little I ate I ended up with a tummy ache.

There was enough time to go home for a bit before heading into Renton for an awards dinner for the citizen of the year.   There were two people awarded for outstanding citizens.  The things these folks do on a regular basis include so much community service and volunteer work.  Lists of accomplishments, organizations they help and support, very dedicated and inspiring people.

Then the Citizens of the year, my friend and co-worker Norma and her husband Kevin won as a team.  Mark, who I worked with before transferring, had nominated them so he got to present them.  The list of things that Norma and Kevin do was endless.  Norma is a mentor in the school system, she spends a couple of hours every week at school with her mentee.  Besides running the neighborhood program (that is her job), she does so much more for these neighborhoods on her own time.  Including finding grants for improvements, playgrounds and the betterment of Renton.  She volunteers serving food at the mens shelter, counting the homeless sleeping overnight once a year, habitat for humanity, food bank, national night out and what seemed like an endless list of worthy events.  If there is an event that needs a volunteer and she is not working on one of her events she is sure to be there.  She comes to so many of my markets, often bringing her 98-year-old mother in law.

It was touching and the applause and appreciation for what these fabulous people do for the city was palpable.  It left me thankful that I am working in community services but feeling like my community outreach for the market and food bank is miniscule compared to what these folks do.  Norma’s four daughters where there, her grandkids, her little mentee, her mother in law.  It was a great and touching night.

Well except the food.  Why buffet food?  There was very little healthy or fresh and everything was sort of the same color and texture.  I paid $35 to be there and it’s not like I was expecting a feast, the ticket price really has nothing to do with the meal.  But we went up table by table and there was really no way out of it.  If you took everything on the buffet you would have a dinner roll, pasta salad, cole slaw, potatoes au gratin and salmon.  Needless to say I didn’t have everything and my food today gave me a stomach ache.  But the outreach conference and the citizens of the year award events made for a very thought-provoking and moving day.

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