Northwest Water Color Society 2012 Exhibit

Last night was the 21st Annual Membership Exhibit.  I type that like I’m a member or a painter. HA!  I am typing it right off the program I left with.
The exhibition is up from October 23 to November 28 at the Kaewyn Gallery in Bothell.  Last night was the Reception and Awards Ceremony and my dear friend Char (who is in fact a member and a fabulous painter) has a piece in the exhibit and in fact won the President’s Merit Award for her piece London Sweets. More about the piece from Char’s website.
I left my house about 4:45 because although it is only 32 miles from my house, it is rush hour.  I got to the opening right about 6:00 and was able to see quite a bit of the exhibit before it was just too crowded to move.  My favorite piece was Norway Maple that wasn’t even an award winner.  I tried to take a couple shots with my cell phone but the glass on the piece just reflected the lights. Here is a link to the painting on her sight.
The second place winner was just as amazing and I would want either of them in my house….ya know if I had a spare Eighteen Hundred and change!
London Sweets

2 Responses to “Northwest Water Color Society 2012 Exhibit”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Yay CHAR! Fabulous! And it’s hard to believe that Norway Maple painting is a painting. It looks like a photograph!

  2. charslife Says:

    It means the world to me to see you at my art openings! You are such a ray of sunshine into life. Thank you!!!!

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