Tomorrow I am giving a 3 hour workshop at work.  Because I was working late on the PowerPoint presentation got home much later than I am used to.  I brought a draft copy home to practice but as of 10:00 pm haven’t gotten to that yet.  I was also going to call Katherine to see if she wanted to see the Denzel Movie on Saturday but I didn’t get to that either.  Time just flys when you don’t get home at 3:30 in the afternoon.

I did however make cupcakes for tomorrow, some for the workshop and some to take to Diane’s tomorrow night.  I was flying loose with the recipes however.   As I was zesting and juicing some limes to try lime cupcakes for the first time, I realized I didn’t have enough oil for either recipe.  I added olive oil to the lime cupcakes and buttermilk as well.  Same with the chocolate.  They baked just fine, however stick to the papers a bit more than usual.  Not sure when I got so cocky about baking to try substituting on the fly instead of running to the store for canola oil.

The lime is pretty mild, a subtle lime flavor even though I used several limes for one batch of cake.

Now that they are boxed and in my truck for tomorrow (it is the same temp as a refrigerator) I guess I’ll go through my power point and practice my presentation.

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