Twenty Years

That was the going joke tonight….. That didn’t happen twenty years ago….

I had a great time visiting and playing scrabble with Diane and Shelly tonight.  It’s that kind of friendship that it doesn’t matter that I see them maybe once a year.  We just pick back up were we left off, including all the harassing and banter.

With every little thing that went wrong or mentioned the tag line of “That didn’t happen twenty years ago” became the meme.  Twenty years ago there was not the fading eyesight, aching body parts, forgetting what was being said, six-week periods, flatulence, various other maladys and petering out by 10:00 pm.

Diane and Shelly see each other regularly, best friends for sure.  I have known Shelly since we were 15, thirty-three years! Diane I met when working at Radar Electric when I was 19 and the three of us used to hang out all.the.time.  I am just thankful they are still in my life and we fall right back into fart jokes and one upping each other.

Since I actually don’t know who won the second game, I’ll just claim in (although I think it was Diane) but hey it will give her something else to give me grief for.

I’m home already and taking my middle-aged self to bed.  I realized with thirty minutes to spare that I needed a blog for today if I am doing the November Blog Challenge.  I manged yesterday without even realizing it was November.  Lets see how long I can remember to do this every single day.  (There is that fading memory thing to deal with!)

Thanks you two!

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