A week in to November

It’s a week into November.  I started this November blog challenge and this would be the second night in a row that I am turning out the lights to go to bed and realize I have not blogged…..nor do I have anything to blog about.

The whole thing is blogging for blogging sake but how many posts can one read ABOUT blogging.  Its like writing canabolism.  Or the mirror in mirror in mirror in mirror…you get the idea….trick.

I even went to look for a prompt none of them prompted anything.   I am feeling out of sorts, PMS for sure.  Clearly I want to eat Tokyo and it would be better if it were built out of tortilla chips and pico de gallo.  I was thinking this tired I am feeling was because of the time change and it just seems so damn dark outside.  But It is probably just the PMS.  All I can think is that it will be over in a week, that and I will be at the half way point of coming up with nonsense every day.

Oh and fall and fall weather has serisously arrived.  It was cold outside today and this morning was a complete scrape the windshield morning.  I took this shot of the windshield this morning.

Heres hoping there is better and earlier inspiration tomorrow.

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