If you want to have humming birds around in fall and into winter there is a sweet spot of when you have to start feeding them.  The heat of Summer just makes the sugar-water go bad to quickly and the birds have so much flower nectar out there they are not interested in the feeders anyway.

But you have to start supplementing the flower nectar before the flowers die so they know there is still a food source.

I hit the sweet spot this fall.  I got the feeders out and within a day there were a few.  I replaced the sugar-water the next week (it does go bad) and about a third of it was gone.

Then the hummingbirds increased in the yard. Whenever I’m outside I can hear them ticking and they drank a lot more before I replaced the food again.  This time we didn’t even get through an entire week and they were empty and I had to make more this morning and clean and fill them.  It is cold enough that the food can last a couple of weeks but I may have to refill them every week.

I keep trying to get photos, but they are so fast and so small most of them are bad.  But this one was from a morning this week.  I had finished my workout and was sitting on the deck drinking coffee and watching the sun come up when it buzzed in.

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