Seahawks win with our help!

The first thing you must be aware of before this post can make any sense are the current Bud Weiser commercials.  The tag line being “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work.”  The examples of this premise range from an entire row of fans at a football game facing the labels of their Bud Wiesers toward the field during a kick to ensure it goes through.  Also a group of people watching the game, all with one shoe and sock off, they all cheer because obviously “Its only weird if it doesn’t work” but because they all did it, it worked.

The second thing you need to be familiar with are those rub your belly, pat your head at the same time moves from being a kid.

Ok got it…….

Today the Seahawks played the New York Jets, Dale and I spent the day watching the game.  At one point Rex Ryan (the coach for the Jets) was rubbing his belly.  I made a comment wondering if he could do that and pat his head at the same time.  Which launched both Dale and I into a belly rubbing head patting demonstration.

This happened just as the Seahawks were lining up and Russell made a great throw.  I looked at Dale and said clearly we need to do that every time.  We tried it once or twice and each time there was progress which launched us into the “its only weird if it doesn’t work” mantra.

We managed to do this for most of the game.  It was hilarious.  There were of course times, plays that we missed and things didn’t go as well.  Which of course just reinforced the need to do it.  We did eliminate needing to do it during our defense because that just made their offense play better.

Does this sound completely ridiculous yet?  We did this for most of the game.  My brother and I sitting in the living room rubbing our bellies and patting our heads every time the Seattle offense lined up.  But hey they won.

One Response to “Seahawks win with our help!”

  1. Albert Says:

    LOVE this!!!

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