On my drive to Bellingham this afternoon, I saw several large “art” displays on the overpasses.

Some were beautiful, others plain letters or names. All different sizes and I’m sure meanings.

As I don’t have a stereo and am left to my own devices I realized my first thought for most of them is
“How did they get up there.” Not oh that so art, or vandalism but how.

Some where huge displays, colorful, the person(s) would have to have several cans of paint and be hanging by their feet, painting upside down for what seems like would take hours.

I couldn’t tell you what it was of, and not because I sped by, I was going quite slow, but my only thought was how did they get up there.

What is your first thought?

2 Responses to “Graffiti”

  1. sadi Says:

    how far up the highway?? i wanna see it!!

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