Various Art Forms

It is late, I have only a few minutes left in the day to get a blog up with today’s date.

Tonight I went to dinner and a play with Katherine and her mom.  It was very funny and a good time.  However I don’t have time to go into the play tonight….except to say you should go see it!  Tonight was opening night so there are a few weeks but go support Theater Schmeater.

Today’s other event involved going to check out a piece of art that should be installed in a new park in Renton in the next week.  The artist was a very interesting guy.  Sort of the “stereotypical” Northwest Artist.  In his sweat pants and T-shirt (covered in red grout as he was still working,)  pony tail and serious facial hair.  But talking to him I was quite impressed that he has supported himself since 1986 on just his art!

We took pictures with the digital camera at work but this was the only shot from my phone.  There is no way to explain the size of this piece.  Two pieces that the frame will be bolted together, each of those I am guessing is somewhere between 15 and 20 feet long.  This picture is perhaps one tenth of one of the panels.

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