Happy Couple

Tonight was the reception for Brett and Amber.  It was at a beautiful house in Magnolia and I got to visit with family over a couple of glasses of wine.  John and his girl Paola flew in from Argentina.  Little Sara who is nine months pregnant, her boyfriend Donte and their three-year old were there.  John and Sara, Craig and Erin, the happy couple, Dillon and David “Guck” were the family members there, we were just missing Audrey.

The house was stunning and the food spread was immense.  It was a very fun party and the place was packed.  Brett’s family, Amber’s parents, lots of their friends and co-workers.

I took pictures with my cell of some of the slide show playing at the reception tonight.  They are not the best quality and you can see the lights in the ceiling reflected on the computer screen in the photos.  But hey, its all I got and I warned them I was posting them here.  The pictures were taken in Hawaii last month.
I wish I could convey from these the happiness in their eyes.  It is so wonderful to see Brett smile so big.  He has not allowed himself to be happy in so long and these two seem perfect for one another.  I don’t know Amber very well but she is very charming and very sweet.  I am so very happy for them.

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