Zero work yet lots to do

I went to work this morning, leaving about 45 minutes earlier then usual.  I was giving Viv a ride to work as she was able to start light duty today.  Granted there are problems with the schedule she can manage to work because of transportation and when they want her to work….so tomorrow she is off while they try to figure it out.

But as I was saying I left 45 minutes early and I figured I would be on time and wouldn’t have to stress because of the copious amounts of rain.  The slowest part was actually from Fred Meyer where I dropped off Viv to the freeway entrance.  I had three lights between the two points and each one must have taken 4 or 5 cycles for me to get through.

There was so much rain.  Lots of standing water because of blocked drains.  Also those that were not blocked were even backing up, there was just too much volume for them to handle it.  I had seen some news coverage before I left and the battery street tunnel heading South appeared flooded.  I was hoping Katherine was working from home instead of inching through the first avenue traffic.

I don’t have that option to work from home.  The sad part about today was although I got to work in plenty of time, I was actually early.  I had nothing to do.  Nothing.  I read the emails that had come in over the weekend.  They were all informational and not one needed to be followed up on.

I actually left the office about noon and headed to The Landing in the rain.  I bought a roasting pan from Ross and wandered around the new World Market.  In just opening my truck door to put in the pan and get back in my floor, steeering wheel and dash were noticibley wet.

I headed back to the office and worked on….. my shopping list for Thanksgiving.  I went through each dish and wrote out the ingredients per department…dairy, veggies, etcetera.  (Thrilling huh)

Then after giving up and before heading home I went to Trader Joes because I knew exactly what I needed from that store and was in and out at three in the afternoon before it got crazy.

Once I was home and the groceries where put away I loaded up my truck with carpeting I removed this weekend along with a pile of stuff from the shed from organizing that on Saturday.  I was blessed with a window of no rain.  It lasted until I got to the dump and unloaded.  I had to do something at the end of the day, to feel some sort of accomplishment.

There is hardly anyone in the office this week.  That just means there are fewer people for me to go ask if they need “help” just for something to do.  I cant really afford to not go in, but at least tomorrow I have a couple conference calls and then I’m off for the rest of the week.  There is so much to do Wednesday to get ready for Thanksgiving I’ll probably be wishing I had just taken the time off.

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