Yes to……..

In general I am not one to recommend products or services. It has to be an extreme like or dislike to for me to inject my preference or opinion on others.

With that I must tell you about the Yes to products. I started using Yes to carrots moisturizing cream a few years ago. Finding a lotion that was paraben free was the only way I would be putting it on my skin.

Most of my life I have not used any lotions, sunscreens or make up at all. Most just have too many cancer causing chemicals and I have just not willing to apply them on the largest organ of my body.

So although the Yes to products still have stearyl alcohol, it is way down the list. More importantly to me there are no Parabens or Avobenzone/Oxybenzone in them. Parabens are a synthetic preservatives that are endocrine disrupters, and most sunscreens contain Avobenzone/Oxybenzone which disrupt hormone balance.

So back to this recommendation….The yes to carrots has expanded in the last year into yes to cucumbers, yes to blueberries, yes to tomatoes and probably others. I have used the yes to cucumbers face wash and face lotion. If you are looking for paraben free products I definitely recommend yes to carrots and yes to cucumbers.

One Response to “Yes to……..”

  1. Laura M. Says:

    I like the Yes to.. line too! I have the cucumber face lotion. It sinks in easy and doesn’t feel greasy.

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