Thanksgiving Back-Dated

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  So very much to be thankful for….

After I got up and got the ham in and potatoes started (they eventually went into another crock pot which was brilliant) I got the turkey in and all the veggies and stuffing ready to go in once the bird was out.  All of these except the sweet potatoes were prepped the day before so it really was just kitchen tetris with all of the dishes and items.

We set it up buffet style on a folding table and ate a couple of hours late.  We were waiting for friends who were no-shows and for my brother Carlos who was on call and was late.  By the time we ate dinner it was almost time to head to the airport.

Lori had phoned earlier in the day saying she was flying up……..Thankful, Thankful, Thankful.  Even though she can’t stay long it was a perfect Thanksgiving gift…..that and the awesome camera she gave me.

I am one spoiled woman!!!

Today Taylor, Amber, Lori and I went to Best Buy (yes on black Friday) and got a new phone plan.  Since Amber has left T-Mobile this week we had to get off of her employee phone plan.  We ended up with AT&T and I now have a new phone too.  Della couldn’t go to pick out her phone as she is still healing and resting on my couch.  We are hoping she ends up liking it since she didn’t pick it out!!!

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