Bell Ringing

A couple of weeks ago at a meeting, Captain Chris of the Renton Salvation Army spoke about the restrictions this year for the red kettle bell ringing.  This happens to be one of the biggest fund-raisers of the year for the Salvation Army.

When Captain Chris took over last year he was first told that he had to cut 80K out of the budget.  That along with all of the increased need in the last few years has stretched the services that the Salvation Army provides pretty thin.

I have had an ongoing relationship with the food bank since writing this post a year and a half ago.  With all of the produce we gather and donate from the Farmers Market to donating extra cupcakes to the dinner program.

Now a group of us are “adopting” two kettles on Saturday the 8th and will be staffing them so that the Salvation Army can save what they pay bell ringers.  I will spend part of the day ringing the bell, knowing that the money raised goes to a great place and stays in the local community.

2 Responses to “Bell Ringing”

  1. Katherine Says:

    What time’s your shift on the 8th? I forgot to tell you that I got two tickets to Clara’s roller derby fundraiser in White Center at 5:30. Wanted to see if you want to go. Girls roller derby–should be hysterical.

  2. Laura M. Says:

    It’s really awesome that you are out there volunteering. I could be wrong and I hate to be a buzzkill but doesn’t the Salvation Army descriminate against LGBT folks? I saw a link recently on facebook. The article is old but the content still seems relevant.

    Maybe they have changed their stance. That would be awesome if they did! 🙂

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