Dessert Photos

I spent my Monday making over 300 desserts for the dinner auction at Theatre Schmeater.  I had fun both baking and playing with my new camera taking some amazing pictures.  When I opened them up and could see the bubbles in the meringue or the little hairs on the raspberries I was giddy.  I did have to shrink the files to post them here, but fun day all around (well except for the drive to Capitol Hill – that part sucked.) 

Driving desserts is difficult they are fragile, can shift and squish and I no longer have a canopy on the truck to put sheet pans back there.  Everything had to be boxed so I could stack them.  The rain and the potholes, the excess sugar in my veins and several fender benders to work past made for a hellasious drive.

photo photo1
photo2 photo3

One Response to “Dessert Photos”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Everyone loved your desserts! Thanks for making it through the traffic hell to deliver them!

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