Christmas Spirit

The lights have not gone up yet.  The decorations have not been pulled out.  Final dates for family in town have yet to be nailed down.

Besides that there really isn’t any shopping going on either.  The family agreed on home-made gifts this year.  I have not gotten started except for lots of collecting of ideas on Pintrest.  Lets face it, I canned a lot of jam this year and that may be what happens, or some hastily put together finger paintings (joke).

Today put me in the Christmas spirit however, sort of in a skyrocketing into the season sort of way.  My department at work (Community Services) agreed to help some of the Homeless Vet’s at the Compass Center for the holiday’s.  We have 6 adult single vets that were formerly homeless but now living at the Burien Vet’s house.  They all had a list of things they need or want.  Mostly practical things like shoes or boots, coats, pants and such.  There were a few TV’s, MP3 players and an ORCA card for work listed.

photoI went out to target and picked up jeans for four of the residents.  A lot of the shoes and coats had been claimed by co-workers and everything is needed by Friday.  It may be the only “shopping” I really do and it made me so excited for Christmas.

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