One of “Those” mornings

I was wide awake at 4:30, like someone called out my name.  I got up, went to the bathroom and started the coffee.  Knowing I would fall back to sleep I turned off my 5:00 alarm and set my 5:30.  Sure enough at 5:30 it was difficult to wake up.

After my work out I set to some “chores” that had to be done this morning.  Closing off the yard, pulling out dog bowls, baby gate and a dog bed.  I am watching Sophie for a week and kind of like watching a child I need to “dog-proof” instead of “baby-proof” the house.  The dog bed is where things went off the rails.

Missy had several dog beds, of different types, both filled and blanket types.  I went into the storage room and although several of the blanket types are in Dale’s room for Spyder there were still two blanket and two stuffed beds up on a shelf.

Except, they were covered it rat droppings.  DAMMMIT!  It is that time of year and I have heard the little bugger and already had a plan, steal wool-ladder-bait-traps-etcetera, but yea hadn’t gotten to it yet.

So one bed at the bottom was good, clean-dry-unchewed, and it is now in my room for Sophie.  The other large stuffed bed is here in this pile for the dump.  Because it is too large to wash and rat urine is dangerous.  The other two blanket types in the photo are also going to the dump, they could be washed except they have holes chewed in them.

Dale’s bed pallet for his car was under all of the dog beds and is now on another shelf altogether until this gets sorted out.  Technically I don’t need the dog beds, I don’t have a dog and have no plans on getting a dog.  I don’t really watch dogs anymore (except for Sophie)  Even turning down two paying dogs over the holiday because…yea I’m done with the bowls and the mess and heck now I’m out of beds anyway!

photo(16)photo(15) photo(14) photo(17)

Pictures:  Pile of dog beds for the dump; swept up pile of RAT CRAP; chewed on bucket of seeds; currently empty shelf.

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