gift making and keeping warm

It is cold.  Even to me, who in general can deal with our weather.  But that biting wind yesterday even though the rain was absent sent us scurrying from store to store while we were out.  We also skipped picking up the tree and putting up the lights.

The lights have GOT TO GO UP tonight, because there is only a week until Christmas and it starts getting to the “why bother” point.  But “the spirit of” and the “kids coming” to visit I will get them up!  Then dive under some covers an continue making {Redacted} as my home-made Christmas gifts.

It took twenty minutes to get the ice off my windshield and into my frozen-doors truck this morning to leave for work.  I didn’t think it was that bad outside.  I had looked out the windows and saw approximately 14 flakes of snow in the grass and deemed it no big deal.  Then once appropriately bundled headed out and couldn’t get the doors open and the ice on the windshield was some sort of terminator strength.  Once I drove off I realized just how icy the road was as someone had spun out on 240th a mere four blocks from my house.  Another was balanced on the median on pac-highway an a tow truck was pulling someone out of the ditch on the on-ramp to I-5.  This is all within a mile and a half from the house.  After that the ice because actual snow on the side of the road and things seemed to go better.

Hey I had a hat AND gloves AND a scarf on, so….not my usual.  Boy was I happy I bundled up, thanks for the prompting Lori!

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