Tis A Season

I am not sure were to start.  The holiday season started with so much promise.  Lori came up for a couple weeks.  Lots of plans for projects and visiting and basic holiday cheer. 

The home made gift idea being a challenge and my knitting knitting knitting of hats, none of which where wrapped, and so many still not completed. 

At the last minute Tureaza cancelled, she and the kids were staying home.  There was just something “holding” her there.  Because of the connection in our family of following the collective ‘gut’ I had to give it to her and wish them a great holiday.

Della, Brock and the girls arrived on Saturday the 22nd.  It felt like our usual Christmas.  We had some food and beverages going on, there were dance video games, basic laughing and good times. 

It was the next morning, early morning, 6:45 or so when Della burst into my room asking for help.  She thought Brock was having a seizure.  I wont go into it all, but within minutes I was preforming CPR and Della was on the phone with 911.  The aid cars arrived, everyone in the house was awake, questions asked and answered and re-asked. 

So very much has happened in the last week.  It has barely been a week but it seems like at least a month.  All I seem to do is cook and pick up, do laundry and worry.  Christmas was not the usual fair.  We tried to keep it light but the heaviness of reality lingers in the air.  Brock is still in the hospital and Della spends nearly every waking moment there.

The actual important things, like being together, and just spending time are the important parts of the season.  It actually helps that we didn’t have a lot of presents or unwrapping to do because more than ever that would just feel excessive.

This little post really doesn’t cover any of it, or at least not the really important parts.  It is more to break the blog silence and get the new year started.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and good New Year!!

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    […] good, not constantly thinking about food, energetic.  Of course the world came crashing down when Brock had a heart attack on the 23rd and all of our Christmas plans and food plans and any damn thing we might have […]

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