News and avoidance

On December 14th the horrible shooting in Newtown happened.  I could not watch the news, the news coverage, the “news” speculation and basic on and on and on-ness of it.  I turned the TV off and focused on getting ready for the holiday season.  I was dog sitting, prepping the house for company and had plenty to keep me busy. 

Then company arrived, decorating happened, more company and the holiday stress level hit a high note and has stayed there for weeks. Weeks!

Last night after I got home prior to heading up to the hospital to see Brock I turned on the news, really the first time in weeks.  The very first story was of Sandy Hook students returning to school.  The horrible, awful, no-good event was still at the top of the news.

Off went the news again.  I know it seems like avoidance, but in fact I still follow some news in my reader feed.  I was able to watch the fiscal cliff near and all of those shenanigans, the lack of passing on hurricane Sandy aid, the avoidance of the violence against women act not passing but without having to watch those cherub little faces flash by.  I don’t know anything about the shooter, because I choose to avoid it.  It does not matter to me “why” some asshat does this.  The “gun” crisis is so far gone I do not see a way back.

So I turned off the news and had a good cry.  It had already been a very bad day and I am back to avoiding the television news.

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