In Thought

Yesterday Katherine saw the movie The Impossible.  The story of one families survival and courage.  It is based on a true story, a family that was in the tsunami in Thailand on December 26, 2004.  The movie was very poignant and evocative.  Made even more so to me by the fact that during the actual event I was in New Orleans for a Christmas vacation frustrated by lost luggage and a closed up city due to snow.  I remember getting home days later and learning of the tsunami and devastation and being shocked that I had no idea.

The movie has stuck with me today.  The tsunami sequence was amazing, the special effects and watching the mom tossed through the currents, clutching for her oldest son and being flayed by branches and debris is still in my head.  The human nature of most people, willing to help others and carry on, even amongst thousands of dead bodies was a tribute to human nature.

The actions and reactions of those people in the crisis amplified by our own recent real life crisis and my on-going critique of how we handled it, what we would do over/different/exactly the same.

I told the story of the movie to Dale last night, nearly scene for scene because it was and is still stuck in my thoughts.

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