Blogging while otherwise occupied

For the last week I have been burning my music, thus tying up my computer (blogging instrument.)   I spent the entire day Sunday a week ago looking through my cd’s deciding if I should burn that particular cd; when was the last time I had listened to it, what was the likelihood that I would want to listen to it in the next six months.  By the time I got about half way through the alphabet I just started burning them all.  I figure it will be easier to delete them if I decide I don’t want it.  In fact burning every single CD from the letter M to the U’s (still working obviously) has taken less time then the debating and picking and choosing up until then.

I was able to burn music most of the day Saturday while also doing laundry, watching football, watering plants and cleaning the pool.  Yet I am still not done.  Today I brought the laptop back upstairs and backed it up.  Now to fit in a little blogging before I burn U-Z in the next couple days.

The last week has also been a whirlwind of getting ready to move.  I picked up a few Rubbermaid bins for waterproof packing.  I filled an entire one with my boots and shoes.  The rest of the packing is really just a short list of things I want to take and not forget.  The actual gathering and packing of those items is still needed.

There have been quite a few “goodbyes” in the last week.  Coffee’s, lunches, dinners, cards and tomorrow a gathering at work.  I got together for coffee with Susan early last week; Della and Brock swung by on Friday after a doctor appointment.   Saturday was the game night crew and although they thought they were all being slick, sneaking off to the kitchen one by one to sign a card I heard Tonya and Jan whispering about it so I just stayed out-of-the-way to make it easier. 🙂  It was a very nice gesture and cute card.

I hadn’t seen Leslie and Sam since May so I went  to their house for breakfast and to watch what ended up being the last game for the Seahawks season.  (Very sad they lost, very exciting game!!)  From there I scooted over to spend some time with Katherine, lunch (I had fish tacos), errands and puppy cam watching rounded out the weekend before heading home to burn more music.

Today Linda bought me lunch (um, I had fish tacos) she also gave a lovely, generous card.  Then tonight Albert and Alison bought me dinner at the Deluxe (guess what….yep, I had fish tacos – hey I like what I like).  I am about out of groceries (by design)  but since I have gone out to eat most meals in the last week five days meeting people, It has worked out just fine.

Tomorrow is my last day of work, there is a coffee/goodbye party planned from 9:00 am to 10:30.  It was moved up to the City council chambers as I guess they are expecting quite a few people….we shall see.  Also tomorrow Mary is stopping by and on Wednesday I am having coffee with Briana.  There is no way to see everyone before I leave….its a good thing we will be back.

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