38 gigs

I burned music until about 1am last nigh/this morning.  I currently have 38 gigs of music on my computer and synced to my iPad.  Sheeew.   Mary came by for a few hours to visit while I sat there burning music, it was a good visit and made the time fly by.

Yesterday was quite a day in general.  It was my last day of work and a send off party.  I am not even sure just how many people showed up but most of my volunteers were there and I was overwhelmed by all of the wonderful things said about me.  The Mayor presented me with a plaque and the Chief Administrative Officer of the city offered me a letter of recommendation.  I ended up with so many presents I had to take three trips to the truck.  Coffee, flowers, chocolate, chocolate, MORE chocolate, candle, money, gift cards to Starbucks and target, wine and oh so many greeting cards.

Today I started the day by taking the truck in for an oil change and a once over.  I spent the time sitting at Starbucks having coffee and reading the paper.  It was very peaceful and pretty much the only time today I sat still.  The rest of the day has been chores, packing, a walk through with Dale, then coffee with Briana which netted additional coffee and chocolate.  We met up with Tonya and they bought me dinner.  Just to keep in the pattern of the week I had fish tacos.

My phone and email has not stopped most of the day.  Wonderful words of love and support.  I am truly blessed as I head out on a new adventure.  An adventure that has about 38 gigs of music going along to keep me company on the drive.

Stay tuned as the adventure unfolds………….

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