2.5 days in

I’ve been here for two and a half days and have been quite busy unpacking and settling in.  We have also done some running around.  We went down to Newport Beach yesterday and wondered around Rogers Garden.  It was a beautiful day and driving back up Pacific Coast Highway was beautiful.  We then did some shopping – looking for a coffee table.  It took several stops and putting one on hold  and had to go to Torrence to get it but we got a perfect one.

Today we spent the morning rearranging furniture, then more of the same as yesterday.  After a trip to join the gym we picked up a dresser for me and a trunk for the living room that doubles as storage and triples as additional seating.  I finished unpacking my clothes and nesting.  Lots of nesting.

For the last few hours I have been looking and applying for work.  Everything from an administrative coordinator to a retail job at Apple and a bartending position.  Tomorrow makes one week since my last day of work and even though I have been busy, packing-driving-unpacking I now need to get a job.  Any job.

One Response to “2.5 days in”

  1. sadi Says:

    ok, i am officially lonely already. hugs to you both

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