I wonder how many blogs I have that are titled weekendy…..for that matter how many start with an excuse as to why haven’t blogged in so long….  ok random thought complete.

We started the weekend going to the gym for cardio and upper body weights.  Then a short drive to Huntington Beach to visit with Bethany and the babies.  After we were going to swing by Trader Joes so I could drop off an application but we were short on time.  We drove to little India to have dinner with Jan, it was there that she told us there were two Trader Joes in Long Beach.  So instead of going after dinner I decided to look it up and go there today instead.

Well today was lots of job applying.  One of those was the Trader Joes job.  Because although there wasn’t an on-line option when I printed the app a few days ago now there is.  Very strange.  But, I re-did the application added a resume and cover letter and had a good time answering the supplemental question as to which was my favorite Trader Joes product.

I got nine more jobs applied for today.  For a Sunday that is pretty good as not a lot of new jobs were posted.  In the last week I have applied for bartending jobs, one cake decorator job, lots of administrative assistant and customer service jobs, a front desk job at the Sheraton, Trader Joes and a job at Fox Sports.  Such a wide variety it will be interesting to see who bites.

3 Responses to “Weekendy”

  1. J.O. Says:

    TJs! TJs! Here’s to your new life in SoCal! I wish you all the best! You ARE a California Girl!

    Big hugs,

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