Lets blog about something besides the job search.  Mostly because its boring and I’m kinda sick of it.  So today I have done some looking but not focused too much on it.  The morning started by dropping off Lori’s truck for an oil change, then we headed to the gym.  It was a shorter than usual workout because my cycle that arrived an entire TEN days early was having nothing of it!

Besides, after typing that paragraph nearly four hours ago and now I have had several phone calls.  One being from the weight loss coaching job I answered.  I am going to an orientation on Tuesday.  This job sounds like private contractor – commission only – find my own clients kind of gig as well but it’s not insurance.

One call was from City of Renton with a list of questions I could answer for the market.  I got to talk about something I knew about and feel to helpful. I also had a call this morning from the lead volunteer at the market, my friend Linda.  We chatted about her grandaughters 3rd birthday and the fact that the farmers market job was posted yesterday.  I told her about hearing from one of the vendors yesterday who just opened a physical bakery to see if I could decorate a cake for her this weekend.  Then in the mail was a note and photos from another volunteer so it was an all market day.   Today I also was able to face time with my nieces.  It was so great seeing their faces for even fifteen minutes.  I talked to Mary and I also face timed with Vivian today and got to catch up.

I was able to face time with Dale earlier in the week.  He took me on a tour of the house and showed me even more fence damage.  Also got to see Spyder snoozing in the sun on the stairs.  Mary has called to “check” on me every four days or so.  Toyna and Briana went out and bought a web cam and got it all hooked up and we got to “see” them last night as we talked for about an hour.  I’ve talked to Katherine a couple times and to Della.  Along with texting and emails the games on Word Feud with Leslie and Vivian still happen on a daily basis and have keep me quite connected to my other home.

One Response to “Connecting”

  1. amber Says:

    Nice seeing you too! love you auntie… Amber and Taylor

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