After I spent the morning applying for jobs, I went to the gym.  After the gym I stopped for tea and then decided to pick up a few fresh things for dinner (parsley, mushrooms, shrimp) tonight.

I decided to go to a store called “Northgate Market” mostly out of proximity.

The deli of this store was selling tamales, steamed in these huge self-serve bins.  There were also hand-made tortillas being made (and fried into chips) right there.  The entire store smelled sweet from the cakes and baked goods.

When I got to the meat department there were several people standing, holding numbers.  Customers being helped.  Those standing around watching a novella on the big screen TV’s.  The numbers being called out were all in Spanish, in fact I did not hear a single word in English the entire time I was there.

I found what I needed and in standing in line to purchase the items listened to the checker talking to people.  I understood a word or two every few sentences.

What I realized is I need to get back to studying, and I am further along then I thought.  I want to shop in the store more just to pick up on the conversations.  Oh and pretty fresh foods as well!!

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