Today Lori and I went to Cougar Stone to look at some rock.  This place was intense, seriously there were so many kinds of stone there.  I wanted Katherine to be there to see it all, so many kinds she would have loved it.  I took pictures, many more then what is shown here just to try and capture the immensity of it all.

photo(23)  photo(24)


We then went down to Orange to meet with K D and Toaln.  K D works at Rogers Garden and has been buying up discards at 5 and 10 cents a pot for Lori.  We had lunch and then loaded up the truck and headed home.  Tomorrow we start pulling out the front yard (little by little) and replacing it with succulents.  This is just the start of this project it will take a while but here is what we brought home today to get it started.

photo(21)  photo(22)  photo(20)  photo(19)

3 Responses to “Project–set–go”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Omg, so jealous!

  2. Goings On | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] ago.  We have been pulling out grass and planting the rest of the plants that were given to us in February.  We also planted the Agave and sages we got just over a week ago in San Diego.  Lori put in […]

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