Fence Fail

We planned a boarder fence, more of just a boundary line to establish where the grass would start being removed from the yard.  We wandered around Lowes and bought fencing and stakes.

DSC_0412Sunday we pulled it all out in the driveway measured, unrolled, stapled, drilled the supports together and them moved over to the grass.  Just hammering the three supports in would not work so we were digging holes and digging and rearranging.  It was a major fail.  We needed much more framing to get that fence to work, probably shorter stakes would have helped as well.

After a couple of hours we discarded the fence for now and put up stakes and string because yea, it wasn’t working.  That and we have a lot of donated plants to put in.  One of the benefits of the donated plants are just that, they were free.  However there are a lot of succulents that would have been chosen but also some things that perhaps wouldn’t have been and don’t fit in to the plan Lori had designed for the front yard.

So it’s a work in progress.  After all of the fence, um, work….. we started planting.  The day was still productive.  We planted the six box wood plants next to the house and have made what we hope will grow into a verbena hedge of the 15, gallon size verbena plants.

More plants to go in later in the week.  Even if its just to get them into the ground for rehabbing and then move them later.

DSC_0405 DSC_0407 DSC_0408 DSC_0406

2 Responses to “Fence Fail”

  1. -br Says:

    a 15 gallon size verbena plant must be huge (hehe), good score on plants that needed some love

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