This weekend was very busy; busy planting free plants.  Some on the verge of not making it but all in all at least a hundred plants.  Of course this took prep work, clearing and tearing out of lawn.  Digging holes for a couple trees we picked up in very dry hard-pan dirt.  Sunday started at Lowes buying 100 bricks, loading them on the dolly, pushing them to the checkout, then the truck, loading again.  Later in the day after hours and hours of digging and planting (stooping, bending, lifting all implied) in the 80 degree weather there was then the unloading of the 100 bricks and putting them around the new beds to keep out the lawn mower.

Yesterday (Monday) I was toast.  I had a list of stuff to do, including looking for work.  I managed to apply for work (in between naps) but not much else.  I thought it was  just exhaustion and perhaps dehydration from the day before.  However with the emotions and headache I woke up with today, I am guessing “hormones” had something to do with the exhaustion.

The difference for this hormone headache (besides their increasing frequency (joy peri-menopause)) was care.  Lori brought me Excedrin, brought me a cold cloth for my eyes, made and brought me coffee, made and brought me toast.  When the chewing was too loud in my head she rubbed pressure points on my ankles and then my neck.

The wonderful care this morning and emotional crying jags throughout today have relieved the headache completely.

One Response to “Care”

  1. Della Says:

    Love, Love, Love! So happy for you sister! 🙂

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