I flew home, the Des Moines home for a week.  There is a list….a non stop list of things to do at the house.  With Spring growing started there are weeds everywhere.  The amount of shot and chick weed is really impressive.  There is also fence repair, pool cleaning, paint prep, house and yard maintenance that is non stop.

I was hoping to tackle some of the Spring things and see a few people.  I didn’t have a car so was limited in that area, but as everyone was willing to come to me instead of getting lots done and seeing a few people I saw a lot of people and got a little done.

I flew in on Tuesday afternoon and Mary drove around from Bremerton and picked me up from the airport.  She took me to the grocery store, I traded in my change in the coinstar and got seventy bucks as my spending money for he week.  Picked up a few groceries for the week and then we hung out the rest of the day.

Wednesday Leslie drove over and picked me up, we had a lovely lunch and visit at Anthony’s Home Port in Des Moines.  Since it was also Vivian’s birthday, Viv and I walked up to the Pho’ restaurant and had a birthday dinner.  You would think there would have been time to get some of the chores started but with the crazy wind and rain, that did not happen.

Thursday I took the bus to Renton, it took about 40 minutes and I met Linda at Liberty Cafe.  We had coffee and then went to City Hall.  I got to see lots of employees, everyone was so welcoming we spent an hour just on the sixth floor visiting.  We then went to lunch at Peyrassol and saw Don and Susan.  After we stopped by Jan’s to visit and surprise her and Don.  We did a little shopping and Linda drove me to Burien where I met Katherine at Elliott Bay Brewery and we had dinner.

Friday Dale drove me to a couple of appointments, one of them to see a recruiter in Bellevue about a job in Burbank.  It was worth the trip as the recruiter called me today about another job as well.  Brianna then picked me up and we went and had coffee and visited for a couple of hours before meeting Toyna for dinner.

Saturday I took the bus to Katherine’s.  We went downtown and had a quick lunch and wondered around some of wood working furniture stores and saw some beautiful furniture.  We then headed to the Seattle Art Museum and saw the Rembrandt, Gainsborough show The Treasures of Kenwood House, London. It was a great exhibit and not too crowded.  We were both tired and she drove me back to Des Moines.

Sunday morning Della, Brock, Amber and Taylor drove from Birch Bay.  I was so glad to see them, but seeing Brock was extra special.  The five of us piled into Della’s car and went to lunch.  They came back to the house and visited for about 90 minutes before heading on the couple of hour drive home.

So Sunday afternoon, I finally get to some of the chores I planned on.  I got the front yard flower beds cleared out.  Granted I left all the weeds piled in the driveway to deal with later and never got back to it so Dale gets to deal with them.

Monday I finally got to weeding in the back yard.  I got the large bed cleared of shot weed.  I was happy to see Columbine volunteers and tried to work around most of them. I got the pool cleaned and four boards on the fence in the garden fixed.  The big part of the day was also meeting with the neighbor about the fence in the back of the house.  We agreed on the property line, agreed on how to proceed with the fence and then, knocked it down!!!  There is still discussions going on about the tree, it is in good health but the neighbor would like it gone and is willing to pay for it to go.  I love the tree, like the shade, can do without the litter and am slightly concerned about the placement being so close to where the property drops off.  So once the estimates come in for cleaning up the tree and for taking it down we will decide what is best.  There will be a two foot high retaining wall inside my property to hold up the hill and then they will build a fence to match the fence they are already putting in on the other side of their yard.

Monday ended with dinner out and finally a visit with Dale.  He then drove me to the airport at 5:30 on Tuesday morning. I am now back home and back to the whirlwind of looking for work!

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5 Responses to “Whirl-Windy”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Hmm. Why do the neighbors want to take the tree out?

  2. Katherine Says:


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