Job Offer & Offer Recinded

I had an interview today.  The job sounded pretty interesting, it was for the Administration Manger of the American Language Program at Fullerton College.  This job came up yesterday and I got a call from the recruiter.  They want someone to start tomorrow!  I was the first of four interviews today.

While getting ready for the interview I got a call from a different recruiter for a job she put me up for last week, saying I got an interview next Tuesday.  Going into an interview with another interview set up is always a confidence builder.

They are on a pretty fast track because the current manager is leaving and her last day is next week.  It is starting out as just a temp job but the recruiter says they usually always end up long-term.  Once I left the interview I called recruiter one to tell her how it went.  At that time I told her about the interview next Tuesday.

I heard back about 3:30, I was the top choice and they wanted to offer me the job.  They understood about the interview next Tuesday and could make time for it.  They also wanted to see if I would be willing to give them a weeks notice if I got something else.  However they wanted to talk to HR before the offer was made.

I got a call back at 4:30 saying they were so very bummed….they really wanted me but HR didn’t want the risk of training for someone who might be leaving in a couple of weeks.  (??!!?? – the temp job was originally only for 2-3 weeks)

Oh Well.  Tuesday’s job is a much higher skill level and pay’s over twice the hourly rate.  Fingers crossed for Tuesday, oh and all of the other apps I have out there!!

One Response to “Job Offer & Offer Recinded”

  1. Taylor Says:

    Good luck!

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