Sequestration; Gun (lack-of) Control; Bombings

There is just so much disappointment from the news in the last week, it has just been easier to ignore posting anything about it and watch and listen in both stunned shock, disgust and overwhelming sadness.

The bombings at the Boston Marathon overtook all of the news last week, for good reason.  It was extremely sad and overwhelming.  Having participated in marathons (much smaller venues) I could imagine being there in the race and in the crowd.  It made it extremely easy to imagine it being my life taken or completely changed for the rest of my life.  The amount of physical and psychological damage inflicted is hard to comprehend.  The spirit and strength of Boston and the survivors is impressive.  I don’t know if I could so quickly venture back out into large crowds even to show camaraderie and support.  (I guess that is the true “terror” in it all – to change behavior)

With the overwhelming coverage of the bombings, the survivors, the “suspects”, the hunt….et al, the fact that the bill for background checks for people buying guns was both defeated in the Senate and swept under the media rug in one fell swoop!  Forget the fact that 90% of Americans were in favor of the bill, forget the fact that the senators are supposedly voting as our representatives.  In my opinion, it is just more proof that so many of the politicians are really just there for the lobbyist money and not to actually put forth policy that those they represent want.  There is rarely if ever anything that 90% of us agree on, this country really is divided in opinion, if we can’t get this passed, what kind of hope is there?

Which brings me to the sequestration that started over month ago.  Across the board budget cuts…..lets not forget this was part of a Budget Control Act passed in August of 2011.  Cuts that had already taken place (before this week) were to unemployment benefits; low-income housing, medical vouchers and support; cuts to Medicare that hurt both those on Medicare and the medical provider.  However until the FAA cuts started this week and the cuts started to affect the affluent (those who can afford to fly for both pleasure and business) did the Republicans start to call it a bad idea, in fact now they are blaming it all on Obama when just earlier this week they were still all for it…oh wait, they were upset about the white house tours being cancelled in March.

Needless to say, the week in news and politics has been super depressing, it is easier to put my head in the sand and just keep looking for work.  I am at a loss for what if anything I can do to change or affect any of this, heck even our “elected” representatives don’t vote with the majority.

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