Below the line

I am finding it inspiring watching the news and tweets today of those starting this weeks “below the line” challenge.

However, I actually don’t feel like joining in.  Perhaps because only two years ago I was living just like this.  Trying to not spend extra money on food and live within what I was bringing in.  With the mortgage and household bills what they were then and only working part-time I was actually living below the line.  (The difference being I could use a credit card if I had to or wanted to buy in bulk)

I know I was having oatmeal every morning, plain unless there were blueberries in the garden, for eighteen cents.  A banana for a snack if I was feeling flush was another twenty cents.  Lunch and dinner were brown rice and pinto beans, day after day after day.  Those two meals together were about a buck.  Sometimes I would splurge on pico de gallo.  But there seemed to always be beans cooking or soaking or both.  I also had great “extra’s” in my garden.

Just watching the tweets today regarding how hard it is and who is hungry is encouraging.  I hope the #BelowTheLine challenge this week brings the much needed attention to hunger across the planet.

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