A job….or not

This has been a very interesting week on the “job-search” front.

Monday: I received an email from a city job I applied for so long ago I can’t actually find it in my log.  They wanted a typing test certificate for my application because they were going to START looking at the applicants next week.

Tuesday: I found an agency up in Covina that would give me a certificate for $20 in cash.  I drove up, took the exact same test I have taken for three other agencies (that will not give me a certificate) left with a certificate of typing at 69 wpm, came home and scanned it and sent it in.

Just before heading to bed, I got an email from a Cuban bakery regarding a decorating job I applied for on January 22nd.  Three days after I got to here.  The bakery owner responded to my application email which is how I know when I had applied.  We emailed back and forth for a couple of minutes and arranged for a time for an interview the next day.

Wednesday:  I drove to the bakery for an interview with the owner.  I left with plenty of time and although it is only 5 miles from the house you just never know how long things will take.  As it is I sat out in the truck for twenty-five minutes before going in.  The interview was brief, to say the least.  I think I waited at the table for him longer than we actually spoke.  What I did find out was it was a full-time job and weekends were mandatory.  We scheduled a decorating test for this morning.

Thursday:  I had to be there at 9:00, I left at 8:30 to go the five miles figuring I didn’t need as much time as yesterday and this gave me double the amount of time that it actually took to get there.  I barely made it!  I walked in at 9:00.  The head decorator did not know I was coming in.  He handed me a hair net, an apron and told me I had to do three cakes, a butter cream, a whipped cream and a fondant.

I was on a side table, next to a woman who was decorating pastry with icing and pastry cream.  I was given a cake stand, a spatula, a knife, a bin of frosting and shown under my station where there were pastry bags and pointed at a bin of mis-matched tips.  I had less room then in my own cramped kitchen.  I did the butter cream first, got it all frosted and I had one small bowl under my station and asked about colors.  I was feeling so out of my element I was having trouble finding my voice.  He asked me what color, pink, blue?  I think I said “sure” don’t actually know what I said and he handed me a bottle of blue.  So I made blue.  It was by far not the best decorating job I ever did, but I had smooth frosting and a shell all around the bottom and top in blue and some curly “S” forms on top in blue and then descending dots in white.

I moved on to the whip-cream.  I put my first blue and white cake in the cooler and was given a five gallon bucket of whipped cream frosting.  I started again.  Whipped cream is so much easier to work with, so I frosted, made blue frosting.  Did rosettes all along the bottom and then up the sides, ending at the top.  Three rosette flowers (all of this in blue) with white accents and put that cake in the cooler as well.

Next came the fondant.  Now I know from the interview that the fondant work wasn’t as important because he recently hired a pro, but sample cake away.  I asked for fondant and was given a rolling-pin, smoother and cutter.  Just as I was about to pull some fondant out the guy handed me a bin of corn starch so it wouldn’t stick to my station.  I rolled out a bunch and covered my cake.  I could not get the bottom smooth without folding over.  I then snaked out a long piece and covered the bottom in a white stripe.  So there I am, a white on white cake, no fondant tools and feeling panicky.  I gathered up my bits of rolled out discarded pieces, added a couple drops of blue and kneaded it in until I had it matching the cakes in the cooler.  I rolled it out and used the bottom of a pastry tip to make circles.  Then I snaked out another piece and wrapped it around the cake, above the white strip.  Put two circles on an area I was having trouble sticking…kinda looked like buttons, kinda looked like crap.  I then put a circle of circles around the top.   Cleaned up my station, dumped everything in the sink and the woman I first spoke to came up for my application.

She started to talk to me in Spanish and although I can pick out phrases, or three words in a sentence that does not translate.  I told her I didn’t understand and she rolled her eyes (or at least my imagination thinks so) and told me the owner would check my cakes and get back to me.

I got home and finished scrubbing the blue off my hands from kneading it into the fondant.  If I am offered this job I would actually be surprised.  I’m note even sure I want the offer, yesterday I was pretty excited about it….There are some pro’s and con’s to the position.  It is very close to the house, I would definitely learn Spanish, it probably pays minimum wage (depends on the skill level on my cakes. Ah ha ha ha) and weekends are a must!

MORE Thursday/possible Friday:  Once home and back to looking for work I got a call from an agency for a temp position of three weeks at $15 and hour for an Administrative Assistant in Long Beach.  I am being presented and if all goes well, maybe I will be interviewing tomorrow.

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