Home Washington….the fence or at least the retaining wall to hold up my property is now going up.  All I had to do was allow the fence to get so bad that even trying to shore it up and having it tied to the tree and swing the neighbor got sick enough to want to deal with it.  Ok, that’s a not quite what I did (at least on purpose) just lack of maintenance income the last few years.

Be that as it may I took the fence down when I was home in March.  The “tree” debate ended with the neighbor paying to have the branches that hang over his property trimmed.  This will not eliminate the litter in his yard but I am keeping the tree.  The neighbor is building the fence eight feet on his side, will look like six feet on mine and the retaining wall will hold up the property elevation difference.

Home California….last week we took down the two trees that acted as the sight block between the back yard and the neighbor.   The cutting down of the trees and ivy took a good solid day but luckily the reed fence we then adhered to the chain link went up in an hour.

photo(106) photo(105) photo(104)

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