Or inspiration via pinterest.

Along with my time spent looking for and applying for work; reading and writing my weekly assignments for class I spend hours and hours a little time on pinterest.

This weekend I tried a two of the recent recipes I pinned.  The first I actually pinned after we found the recipe in the Sunset magazine.  It was for California-Style Bibimbap, I think California style simply because avocado is added and there is no meat.  It was quite yummy.  The Sriracha made the dish for sure.  Here is the beautiful photo by Annabelle Breakey and then my cell phone pic for comparison.  I’ll just say it tasted better than it photographed and I used brown rice not white.

california-style-bibimbap-su-l  photo(107)

The other thing I made were mini apple pies.  My biggest issue was the 90 degree weather on my pie dough but from what I here they tasted just fine.  The original post that I pinned from is GOODnessgracious.com here.  I only made apple by peeling and coring granny smith apples.  I then sautéed them with clove and cinnamon and added just a tiny bit of brown sugar and cooked it until carmelized.  The first photo is from the original post and then my cell phone shot of my mini apple pies.

DSC_8296 photo(108)


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