Heat Stroke; Unscheduled Hormones; Mothers Day

Its hot.  Not only is it hot outside its hot inside, as in inside my body.

Yesterday we drove to Compton to buy used bricks.  Doesn’t seem that big of a deal right, got there about noon.  Took my truck as it’s a six cylinder and has a little more guts than Lori’s.   Loaded 200 bricks into the truck which was then low riding and headed home.  It was hot out, 90ish.  Once we got home I had to jut lay on the carpet and cool off.  The heat would just not stop.  I had been drinking ice tea and water but it wasn’t working.  Trying to help get a pathway prepped and I could not understand the word level.  I felt both incompetent and bitchy and was relegated to laying on the floor under the fan with a cold cloth on me.

What I didn’t realize was the nausea I was having and some of the hot flashes was my cycle arriving ten days early.  Ten.  If I had realized I was PMS’d perhaps some of the (worthless-loser-easy to offend-maybe it’s just mothers day-everything is making me cry) feelings from the last few days I could have identified easier and I would have been kinder to myself.  Who are we kidding, the only difference is I would have realized it was hormonal and may have just gone with a good cry a few days ago instead of trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me now!

Today we are not risking more heat stroke.  We got up early and took a trip to Lowes for a wheel barrow.  Got some of the ground cleared where we are putting in a brink path and took about half of the bricks out of my truck.  But it is now noon and above 90 degrees our project is in now in the direct sun so we are taking a break for a few hours.  Lori has grading and assignments to work on.  I have this weeks writing class material to read and there is always, always jobs to apply for.

Until we get the project done, here are some pictures!!!

photo(112) photo(111) photo(113)

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