Sans Wheat

Last year I was trying to figure out what was causing me stomach aches and discomfort.  I wondered if it was cheese or meat that was causing cramping and bloating, lasting a few hours and usually after eating one of the two or a combo.  I thought I might not be digesting the protein, perhaps having some kind of gall bladder issue.  With each event I tried to backtrack what I had eaten that day.  But even on days that I would leave the cheese off a sandwich, pasta with just veggies or although I rarely eat pizza would only have veggie I could not pin point one thing…..until now.

Over the last couple months I cut wheat out of my diet.  After a brief trial of this last fall I decided to try again (insert various reasons that I will not go into again here).

I have had fish tacos with cheese in corn (not wheat) tortillas.  I have had plenty of brown rice, potatoes, oatmeal, basically lots of other carbs and grains….just not wheat.  I have had lots of fish, chicken, bacon even a little pork chop.  I have had string cheese, caprese salad, cheese on my enchiladas (again with corn tortillas).

All of this to say I hadn’t had any stomach cramps.  Until a couple of weeks ago, I ate two sesame flatbread crackers as a quick snack.  Two, that was all, nothing else with it.  The stomach ache was quick.  It lasted hours, it made sleeping virtually impossible that night.

Then last weekend Lori and I had a Sushi lunch out, there was a roll we shared and I didn’t even think about it but the shrimp in the roll was coated in panko.  The stomach ache was nearly immediate.

I knew before that things like cookies and sweets would give me heartburn.  Not chocolate or treats without flour, but mostly pastry of some kind.  This did however make not eating my baked goods easier.

After doing some research I do believe I am allergic to wheat, or at least wheat sensitive.  Simple as that, easy to avoid and difficult to avoid all at the same time.  However the stomach ache is not worth even a little wheat.

No pizza, no bagels, no crackers, no bread, no cereal, no breading, no pasta (I miss pasta), no flour tortillas…it does not matter if it is ground, whole or sprouted wheat, I am sans wheat these days!!

6 Responses to “Sans Wheat”

  1. Susan Brady Says:

    Hi Valria – my sympathies. As someone who’s had to avoid gluten, dairy & a few other things for a few years now, I know it’s not always easy but at least there are more options out there these days than in days past. I’m sure you already read labels but wanted to give the head’s up to be extra vigilant in label reading – even things as innocuous as broth often contain wheat. As far as pasta goes, Trader Joe’s has an inexpensive organic brown rice pasta that I like – it scratches the pasta ‘itch’ anyway – just be careful not to overcook it. I’m sure you’ve already been exploring the blogs for other wheat or gluten free bakers/cooks – I’ve gotten many recipes from various blogs. It’s a relatively easy transition these days for your own cooking – eating out is it’s own challenge but becoming less so for wheat free people. Good luck – Susan

    • V_Lo Says:

      Hi Susan!! You know after you posted yesterday I thought about it, and it could very well have been the wheat in the soy sauce as well. I bought some for the house without wheat but yea its everywhere.

      I have tried that brown rice pasta and you couldn’t be more right about the overcooking, I ended up with glue that went into the trash!!!

  2. J.O. Says:

    Hey VL: I am also sans wheat. I find it is MUCH EASIER to control my blood sugar sans wheat. I am experimenting with almond flour and cocount flour. True, it doesn’t have the gluten that wheat does, but the gluten seems to be the big problem. I’ve also discovered that my GERD (acid reflux) is non-existent if I don’t eat wheat. There’s a great book out: Wheat Belly and also the Wheat Belly Cookbook — OK two great books.

    Hope your doing OK. Hugs to you.

    • V_Lo Says:

      J.O. I did read the wheat belly book (not the cookbook however) I actually don’t miss too many things, just really have to watch now that I know whats causing the belly aches!!

      Good for you getting a handle on the blood sugar.

      Hugs back!

  3. Katherine Says:

    Just saw yesterday that TJ’s has a gluten free flatbread for pizzas and such. Might be tasty? In the refrigerator section near the pizza dough.

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