Long Weekend

Last weekend was the Memorial Day weekend, yet it still seems like it’s the weekend.  We were quite social over the actual weekend, breakfast in Irvine on Saturday and then dinner in Long Beach with friends.  Sunday we went for a hike at Eaton Canyon.

Three of Lori’s schools ended last week so she only has one left.  This class is Monday and Wednesday for the next three weeks and since this Monday there were no classes she only worked yesterday.  Even writing that sentence I had to ask what day it was and what if anything we did in the yard yesterday.  For the record we didn’t work in the yard yesterday, however Monday and Tuesday and today we did plenty.

The bricks we picked up a while ago are now bordering the box woods we planted a few months ago and a pathway has been put into the little garden area we put in.  Also we picked up pavers this morning and started a side path along the house.

I have dug weeds, moved bricks, sweated lots, gone on one interview and set up another all in the last week.  I have not written my assignment due this weekend or heard back from last Friday’s interview.   But it’s not all bad, the endless weekend is heading into another weekend.

photo(118) photo(117) photo(116) photo(114)photo(115)

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