Work Status and a New Dress

I had an interview yesterday that I am really excited about.  I am hoping to make round two happening next week.  If When I get this job it will start part-time in July and be full-time by September when the person I will be covering for goes on maternity leave and then goes through the end of the year.  So far I got through the HR email questionnaire and that got me an invitation for testing.  Ninety minutes of on-line testing later, a personality evaluation, spacial and reasoning test and both Excel and Word test I got through to an actual interview (Yesterday) I interviewed with the person I will be covering for and then the HR rep.  I am still up for another job I had interviewed for a couple of weeks ago.  I haven’t heard back on that job either but having two options as possibilities has made me realize which one I would prefer, which is a nice change over the “anything please” mode I have been in.

In the mean time work-wise I am shooting over 500 bead types for Briana, I have received two shipments already and after a week of trying to find an inexpensive macro lens (pro-note…they don’t exist) I am finally shooting with my standard but it took lots of playing with the settings to figure out what lighting works best and its keeping me busy along with a little cash in the future.

092f4ffd5092fe7bbf783273b8f499f0So with no job or income now is not a good time to spend money right. Right.  Well I have been doing really good at not spending anything.  Of course there was 600 in pool chemicals and the airline ticket in March that all went on my credit card but not much else.

But I got an email that this dress was available.  It was months ago that I pinned it from ModCloth and added my name to the waiting list.  So when I got the email that it was in (but wouldn’t last) I was torn.  Heck I am on the verge of trying to figure out if one of these jobs will come through in time or if I should go ahead and cash out my retirement fund from the City of Renton.  It isn’t much but would cover my credit card and get me through another month.

So what did I do….I charged the dress.  It got here today and fits great and is so fun.  Dresses can be so tough to fit, sizing can be a challenge and they don’t always flatter the top and bottom.  This one is perfect!

2 Responses to “Work Status and a New Dress”

  1. Amber Says:

    SUPER cute Auntie!

  2. -br Says:

    Love the dress, super cute, keeping my fingers crossed the job you want comes thru

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