Waterwise Botanicals Day Trip

We were up at 5:00 a.m. this morning showered, oatmealed and out the door at 6:00.  We drove two hours to Waterwise Botanicals for an event called Succulent Celebration.  The Gates were opening at 8:00 and we got there about 7:50 and drove into the 2nd parking spot.  Which proved useful when the over 200 spots were filled before the event really started at 9:00 and people were parked up and down the highway.

We walked around a bit and there was a heavy marine layer and we were quite chilly.  This of course burned off later but this is probably when we both got a little burned.

The over twenty acres has lots of specialty display gardens along with ponds and pathways and fields and fields of plants.  We eyed a few things before making our way back to the main tent and got seats in the nick of time.  There were a few hundred people there and a lot were to hear the first speaker Debra Baldwin, I would call them a cult following as many were there to get her new book that came out this weekend and have it autographed.  Lori has had the book a couple of weeks and forgot to bring it with her to be signed.  But it was informative and very entertaining.

We missed the next speaker as we wandered around the acreage and had lunch.  We were planning on sticking to a budget so trying to decide….do we focus on a vertical for the front corner of the yard or look for small Agave’s to line the path with.  We first picked out some Canyon Sage with bright red flowers that the hummingbirds love.  Then while looking for the agave pups we found the five-gallon size for less than half what we had been seeing them for.  We pulled out four but while standing waiting for one of the workers driving purchases to the front decided on four more.  The deal was amazing, but it went over the budget by 25%.

photo(119)I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of “things” really got no pictures of the event.  So here are the Agave once we got them home.  When they are installed in the front yard I will post a picture then.  We have been working so much in the yard and have nearly half of the grass removed and will be working on it more this weekend.

We got everything loaded in the truck and went back to make the next speaker Michael Buckner “The Plant Guy” talk about color.  He was quite impressive, with over forty years of landscape design experience.  We answered any question on any/every topic given him and had lots of advise and information.

We skipped the next speakers and headed home getting in about 6:00 pm.  Quite a fun and full twelve-hour day and now more plants and even more inspiration for our succulent garden!

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