Goings On

photo(121)We picked up another load of used bricks a couple of weeks ago.  We have been pulling out grass and planting the rest of the plants that were given to us in February.  We also planted the Agave and sages we got just over a week ago in San Diego.  Lori put in another brick path this week while I sat taking photographs of beads on the freelance job I have going on.  Here are some pictures.


You can kind of see the flagstone path in there as well.  We picked up four pieces and the quarry guy we bought it from showed us this trick to breaking them into whatever shapes we wanted.

photo(122) We have been trying to get everything in and established before we head to Seattle for a couple of weeks.  It is amazing what a deadline can do to help get things accomplished.  This last shot is just for fun.  You can see the two-thirds of the yard we have pulled out and planted and the last third still untouched.


On the employment front….well one of the jobs has been cancelled.  I was on three interviews for it and then heard nothing for the longest time.  I called again this week and was told the job has been cancelled.

On the other job, the one I am hoping for I have a third in-person interview tomorrow morning.  I did go in for a drug test today and have paperwork to take in for approval on a background and credit check.  This is for a six month position.

We head up North next week.  Family is coming in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday through the following Monday.  There are also three birthday’s that week, friends to visit and a looooooooooong list of things to work on in the yard and house.

Before then, well a few hundred more beads to photograph and the above mentioned job interview tomorrow.

One Response to “Goings On”

  1. canyon cottage Says:

    I have been reading, just not commenting. You have so much energy! God luck with the jobs. Hope you are staying cool with this heat wave, looks like its finally broken.

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