Before and After(ish)

Whirlwind “vacation” started out as a family reunion. We had tents and air mattresses all planned for the back yard because of how many people we were expecting. Unfortunately Maria and Bryson couldn’t come because her work would let her have the time off. Then more unfortunate events kept Tureaza, her mom and the kids from coming up.

But we got in a week ago Monday and the priorities were to see Sara who was out of the hospital and doing better; also see family (reunion) and Christopher who is now fortunately back at work, and friends. Also get some projects done around the house before heading home to start a six month temp job where time to come up will be limited.

Tonya let us borrow her car for a couple of days so we were able to get supplies and I drove to see Sara before returning the car. Then on Thursday the family arrived. We were able to get the front bed eradicated before they got here and moved all the gear to the back yard.

It was four fun-filled days of dice and swimming and lots of sunshine. Yes we managed to miss a heat wave at home, what we are referring to as the desert home, but the heat wave here, the mountain home was just as warm as it usually is anyway. We did get a lot of use out of the pool over the weekend so that was good and got some weeding and clearing done in between all of the festivities.

Once everyone was gone on Monday we went full throttle and by the end of today only have the front to finish up and the worst of that is done.

What hasn’t happened this week is a lot of visiting with friends. I was hoping to see Christopher but he is at a Sounders game tonight and I am just thrilled that he is well enough to be out and living his life. I haven’t been able to see Mary, Linda or Shelly and Diane (still hope) but the door has closed on Leslie and Sam and heck Albert, Allison, Char and Dave don’t even know we am here.

But the yard is better. Here are the “before” and “after” pictures of our week of yard work.

photo(3) photo(1)

photo(8) photo(7)

photo(4) photo(5)

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