Days End

What a day, last day of “vacation”. It will be nice to get home and have a couple days of down time before I start work on Monday morning.

So for those of you following the months of “I’m looking for work, there is nothing else to blog about, yep still looking for work” I did get the temp position I blogged about. It starts on Monday at 9:00 a.m. part time for six weeks then full time to cover a maternity leave until the end of the year.

But today was a busy day. 98% of the yard work I wanted to get done was complete, I got up and took the bus to Renton where I met up with Linda, Janice and Don for coffee. We visited for a bit and Linda drove me home. Lori was out weeding the rest of the front bed and I gave Linda a tour of the house then she jumped right in helping pull mutant grass.

It was quickly completed and next Briana and Tonya stopped by for a last visit to say bye. We sat and played a few games of Farkle. Mary was next to show up, she come to say hi/bye and also load up the last of the things she had stored here.

Not soon after she left Diane drove from West Seattle and picked up Lori, Vivian and I then back to Burien where we met up with Shelly and had a wonderful visit and reminisced about old times and how much we used to laugh ourselves silly, which of course made us laugh.

It was a very busy, very social, exhausting day. We are now packed and Carlos is picking us up at 4:30……..what in the heck am I doing blogging, I need to get to sleep.

Thanks for all the fun everyone and a great albeit very busy visit!!!

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