Working 9 to 5

At least that’s what I did today. Having not had to get up in the morning for work since mid January lets just say I woke up several times last night.

It’s not like I haven’t been up earlier then I was today during all that time, there was just becoming presentable and commuting involved today.

I got to work and my computer, log-in and email were already set up. It just so happened that the new President started today, along with a company BBQ. It made for a very crazy day, not so much for me but those who are going to be training me.

I did train a bit on the phones then it was time for the BBQ and introductions. After more training, setting up my voicemail and a tour I found that my part time schedule for the next month will be Monday, Thursday and Fridays, 9-5. I’m already covering a vacation this coming Thursday and Friday so those will be 8:00 a.m. days.

But since tomorrow is a day off we may go to a matinee of Tonto.

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