Baby Photos

These photos are me as a baby, 3 months, 6 months and a year… over 47 year old photos.

So why are they here???  Well a couple of reason I was talking to someone about my being nearly bald as a baby and they wanted to see a picture.  I was also talking about having a strawberry birthmark on my face and its remarkable disappearance without surgery, they also wanted to see a photo….perhaps it was the same conversation, but 48 year old brain and busy schedule as of late I can not remember who.

So while I was scanning photos for family I realized these photos that my father took are seriously fading so I scanned them as well.  Now if you happen to be the person who wanted to see the picture…ta da, here they are.  (leave a comment so I can quit trying to recall who)

3mo 6mo 1yr

One Response to “Baby Photos”

  1. Audrey Says:

    Lola and I wanted to see them, Val! These are great! Not one hint of the gorgeous hair you have now–so funny.

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